Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend with Sherry

As many of you may know, Sherry Serafini visited City Beads this weekend.  The Runway Earrings and All That Jazz, aka Haskell Bracelet classes were outstanding.  However, it was the Creative Component Cuff class that really blew me away.  No kit, no instructions -- one of those "stretch your imagination" classes.  What I both love and admire about Sherry is her openness, and complete willingness to share her artistic soul and spirit.  She gives everything to her students, and now having been both her student and her employer, I admire her even more.

On Sunday, Sherry inspired sixteen outstanding bead weaving artists to explore their creative spirit.   Here are the beginnings of what are sure to be outstanding cuffs, pins, brooches or neckpieces, depending on the respective visions of the beaders . . .  (forgive the photography, my camera was on the fritz and I had to use my iPhone)

Here's what Judy came up with -- a study in rusts

And then there was Cheri

And I think this was either Jennifer or Judy, I was getting excited,

And I don't even remember whose this one was, I was just snapping away!

To everyone who visited the store this weekend, my sincere thanks.  To all who participated in the classes, please stop by so I can photograph (properly this time) your finished pieces.  And to a wonderful teacher and dear friend, my sincere thanks and deep respect.  

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