Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bead and Button 2011 - Day 1

For those of you who aren't in Milwaukee yet, or for those who aren't planning on coming to the Bead and Button show, it was a beautiful day today in this city by the lake.  While Milwaukee is no Chicago (I know, my prejudice is showing) the city gleamed today.  I ventured out at noontime to warm sunshine and beautiful breezes.  

Yes, I spent a good portion of the day indoors working with the infamous Carol Wilcox Wells.  It took ten minutes MAX for her wonderful spirit and generosity to get the creative juices flowing.  Oh, the possibilities.  What would happen if I changed this bead?  What would happen if I changed the count here?  Can I use a variation of this as a chain on a Gary Wilson cab?  And yes, I wrote all these ideas down so I won't forget -- the shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory!  I anxiously await tomorrow's day 2 with Carol, and an evening with Melissa Grakowsky.

Being here for a week to shop and take classes is my time to be totally self indulgent.   Creativity is in the air.  Laughter and good times abound.  Now, off to dinner with dear friends!