Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Passover

Passover begins tomorrow evening at sundown.  Up until my mother passed away, the first night's seder was always held at my parent's home.  Each year, the evening before the first seder, mom and I had a date to set the table.  Mom hated her dishes, and always wanted something new, but we always used the blue Wedgewood.  We'd try different table cloths, different center pieces -- different anything, but it was always the blue Wedgewood that dominated the table.  Before she passed away, I remember mom telling me, "You do Passover.  It's harder.  Let your sister do Rosh Hashanah."  So today, in keeping with tradition and in anticipation of tomorrow evening, Rachel and I set the table.

Not many of you know this about me, but I am the Imelda Marcos of dishes.  I must have six different sets of china, some of them with at least 16 place settings.  I love to change things up and love to set a beautiful table.  I inherited mom's blue Wedgewood and it had been sitting with the other china patterns in the storage pantry until today.  Twelve years later, it is once again adorning a Passover seder table.

The name of the pattern is the "Queen's Embossed Garden."  As I unpacked it today and set the table, it took on a new beauty and warmed my heart with many beautiful memories.

The table is looking so beautiful in fact, that I think Will and Kate could have a pre-wedding brunch at a place setting like this!  Why, there are even beaded napkin rings!

And so, dear friends, for those of you that celebrate Passover, my very best wishes for a wonderful holiday.  For those that celebrate Easter, I send holiday wishes to you as well.  And to mom, you're in my heart every day, and will be with us in spirit tomorrow night.   I love you.