Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dad's Hanukkah gift

As many of you may know, I have the MOST wonderful father in the world.  He turned 80 this year, and I wish I had the energy at my age (you notice I don't say) that he has at 80.  He works full time, works out every day,  and never stops pushing me to be the best that I can be.  I can honestly say I think both of us are having fun with this bead thing.

Hanukkah is this week, and dad is not the kind of guy for whom you can make jewelry.  For all the years my mom and dad were married  (47 before she passed away) he never wore a wedding band, and to this day he wears a pocket watch rather than anything on his wrist.  Buying a gift for him is IMPOSSIBLE; he has everything he wants, and what he doesn't have, he buys for himself.  With that in mind, as a tribute to him and all he's done for his family and community, I just completed this

which I will give to him this evening at our family Hanukkah gathering.  It is one of Julia Pretl's Little Beaded Boxes, this one entitled "Tree of Life."  Here's to you, dad, the man who's planted the deep roots of our family from which strong branches abound, and for many more healthy and happy Hanukkahs together!


  1. The love for your dad is incredibly touching and he indeed must be very special as he raised you, one of the most special people I know.

  2. Cherish these moments, as I'm sure he will cherish that "Tree of Life" box. It's beautiful.
    And who doesn't love a man with a pocket watch!

  3. Lisa...awesome idea for your father. You are very fortunate. The box is a wonderful piece! Happy Chanukah.