Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pay It Forward

As many of you know, part of the reason I opened a bead store was to support one of my favorite charities with a portion of the profits.  Well, I had a most unusual visit from a supplier last week, and was stunned to learn that they, too, donate a portion of their profits to a relief and development organization.  Knowing that I would be helping human beings around the world procure basic necessities, I did some procuring myself!  There were beautiful daggers . . .

and some wonderful leaves . . .

and beautiful flowers . . 

and some really wild lentils with all types of picasso finishes that I didn't get a photo of!  

So pay it forward.  By buying beads at City Beads, you can become part of a positive social movement.  A percentage of your purchase will be used to improve the lives of your fellow citizens all over the world.  How's that for a great excuse to buy beads?


  1. Like we need an excuse ??? 8)
    But paying it forward is a great justification for our addiction.

  2. I think that is some noble work that you are doing and many would come forward to help for the cause of charity.Since they are also very pretty beads. Rembrandt Charms